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Endless Suspect  

Upcoming Suspense Thriller Coming October 2023!

Target Release Oct. 2023!

Dahlia is a struggling waitress in an impoverished old Mississippi farm

town living with her parents that are barely clinging to life.


Darwin Long III is a high powered tech entrepreneur with old money from Atlanta, GA. Through an unlikely encounter, their worlds collide to

everyone's delight...except his disappointed mother, Anita.

Now, Dahlia is living in the Longs' ruthless existence with Anita's heel

carefully placed on her neck. Dahlia can't run back to the swamps

of Mississippi.

Dahlia finds solace in a friendship with Darwin's grieving younger brother,

Troy, who recently lost his wife to cancer.

Will the Longs push Dahlia beyond the point of no return and someone

ends up dead?

Copyright ©️ 2021 by Kenesha Collins


My Story

Kenesha is a blogger, freelance journalist, and author. Her debut African-American romance novel, I Forgot to Love Her, was released in November 2020. 

She has been blogging since 2018. In June 2020, her opinion post on social injustice featured in The Voice, Britain's only black national newspaper. 

For speaking, writing, or business inquiries, you can feel free to reach out to her at, or you can fill out the contact form below. 

"It's Your Story...Write It!" - Kenesha Collins

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Corey is a handsome, successful attorney living in the suburbs of Nashville, TN. He has a beautiful wife, Rhonda, and a new baby girl.

Secretly, Corey battles with himself as he realizes he settled for a life he didn’t want. Rhonda gave up her career to be a stay-at-home mom. She’s settled comfortably into the simple life, but she struggles to balance motherhood and keep her man happy.


Corey and Rhonda’s bond is put to the test when Corey collides with Teri, a sexy divorcee, on Manhattan’s streets. Will a chance encounter between Corey and Teri lead down a road neither of them can resist?  

Corey and Rhonda’s mutual friends, Katherine and Bryan, are unhappily divorced. A series of lies, betrayal, and a few nights of passion has given them a lifetime of hell. Will Bryan ever be able to convince Katherine to take him back despite his potential lovechild?  

eBook & Paperbacks available in the Amazon Kindle Store!

eBook only available at Barnes &!

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What People Say
What People Say


Absolutely a great story! This book reflects so much of real life matters... relationship, doubt, confusion, but most importantly reconciliation. These couples go through, but learn to become better and walk into everything meant for them. The author did a great job conveying all parties POV! I truly enjoyed the story! Looking forward to more of her work!​

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