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I Forgot to 

Love Her

by Kenesha Collins 


My Story

Kenesha knew she wanted to be a writer since the 5th grade when Debbie Dadey, a well-known children’s book author, strolled into her class to talk about writing books. She was a 9-year-old boss.


She took down Debbie’s contact information and asked if she could send her manuscripts to “critique.” Debbie agreed. Kenesha sent monthly manuscripts, and Debbie would critique her stories of dogs, bears, and cats. Debbie advised her she would have more gripping stories to tell as the years went by. Debbie was right.

2020 brought on some of the most heart-wrenching times for everyone around the world. Devastated by the recent acts of social injustice, Kenesha wrote an opinion piece in a small effort to invoke change. The story got noticed by a fellow blogger, and a journalist based in the U.K. He helped her get her post viewed by the editor of The Voice, Britain’s only black national newspaper.


She began writing a novel in December 2019 but decided to use the extra time during the lockdown to accomplish her lifelong dream.

Her debut novel, I Forgot to Love Her, is releasing November 10th, 2020. Available through Amazon, Kindle Unlimited, and Barnes & Noble. 

She can be reached on  Instagram @authorkeneshacollins. Feel free to contact her!

"It's Your Story...Write It!" - Kenesha Collins


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