Finished First Draft of Novel, Editing & Publishing

By Kenesha Collins

I would like to thank all those that have liked/and or began following my blog. Your support means everything to me.

Well, I’ve been absent because I’m proud to announce that I finished the rough draft of my debut urban romance novel. The word count tallied at 63,312 words, but it will change after a few rounds of editing. I’m most proud of this work because I managed to stay on track despite everything that has gone on this year. It was incredibly difficult to tune the world out and focus on writing.

The strangest thing happened as I wrote the last scene of the book. I became filled with incredible anxiety and sadness. This book had become a part of me. I had spent countless nights, weekends, and lunch breaks writing it. When I wrote the words, "The End,” I was filled with dread. Now, the hard part has started. People are actually going to read and critique my book. I’ve been alone in this writing journey. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I have no writer friends or family. The Meetup groups I was planning to attend were switched to virtual meetings. Everyday, I work well into the evening and never had the time to log on. I didn’t get a chance to secure a critique partner or beta readers.

I decided to get an expert opinion of my book before I jumped right into the 2nd draft, so I decided to research editors. When searching for an editor, there are some key things I looked for. A company’s website is their virtual business card. I like clean websites that highlight what the company can do. It also helps if the company has testimonials. I found out there are a LOT of editors online. If you're trying to narrow down the search for editors, here are some things I found.


It is recommended that you should choose an editor that specializes in your genre. Personally, I feel an editor worth their salt can read and edit any genre. I wasn’t concerned if they had urban romance listed on their website. I am more impressed with efficiency, timely responses, and being transparent about pricing. I found a great editor that provided sample edits for free. I'm not going to list the company as they may not want to be featured in this post.


If you’re like me, a lot of the fear of publishing a book is centered around the amount of money it costs. When editing a book, you can either purchase line editing or content editing. I found the cost of line editing can range from $500-$1,000. Content editing can cost $1,500. If you'd like both, it can be over $2,000.

If you're finished with editing, and wondering about the publishing process, below is some helpful information.

Traditionally or Indie publishing 

If you're looking to publish independently, you will have sole control over your rights, marketing, and promotion. You will also get 100% of your royalties. However, you will be responsible for the following:



Book cover Design

Publishing platform

Book Launch

Book Sales 


Another thing to consider with indie publishing is after you pay for all of the above, you may not come out ahead. You may not even break even.

Traditional publishing can appear to be easier, but it can be just as difficult. If you decide to go through a publishing house, they will absorb the cost of editing, marketing, and promotion. You may get an advance, but that is very rare for a new writer. Most publishers also may not accept work that is not represented by an agent. You will have to learn how to write eye catching and well formatted query letters or an agent will just delete it. The downside to traditional publishing is you lose control of marketing, promotion, as well as royalties. Your book may not even come out the year you expect it to. The publisher may not want you competing with another book of the same genre. Also, your royalties will not 100% go to you. The agent and publisher will get a portion of your sales.

I'm only in the editing phase right now, so I haven't made my decision if I want to be independently or traditionally published. Mainly, I want to focus on making the book the best it can be. I got some good feedback from the editor. She even used the words, "great writer," so that's very promising.

I hope all of you are meeting your deadlines for your goals. I know it's been very difficult as the world keeps going down a downward spiral.

If I can do it, you can too.

Copyright © 2020 by Kenesha Collins 

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