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New African American Romance Novel about Real-Life Relationships for a Change

I Forgot to Love Her is a new urban romance novel by author, Kenesha Collins, about the trials and triumphs of falling in and out of love.  

Kenesha was frustrated with the inaccurate depictions of African Americans in movies and books. She wanted to create relatable stories about relationships within the black community. The lockdown due to the pandemic of 2020 allowed her to achieve her lifelong goal of writing a book. 


The novel is about three couples in their early 30's navigating through self-inflicted problems and infidelities while learning life lessons and self-awareness along the way. It blends innocence and sensuality with a dash of humor with its spot-on characterizations of these young people.


I Forgot to Love Her is a self-published novel by Kenesha Collins. 


Available in paperback at and


The eBook version is also available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble Press.


I Forgot to Love Her is Kenesha’s debut novel, but she has spent 15 years writing for magazines, newspapers, and websites. She is also a two-time award-winning blogger. In June 2020, her post about social injustice and police brutality gained international attention by appearing in The Voice, Britain’s only black national newspaper.  


She blogs at, and her website is


If you'd like more information about I Forgot to Love Her or to schedule an interview with Kenesha, please email her at

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