Corey is a handsome, successful attorney living in the suburbs of Nashville, TN. He has a beautiful wife, Rhonda, and a new baby girl. Secretly, Corey battles with himself as he realizes he settled for a life he didn’t want. Rhonda gave up her career to be a stay-at-home mom. She’s settled comfortably into the simple life, but she struggles to balance motherhood and keep her man happy. Corey and Rhonda’s bond is put to the test when Corey collides with Teri, a sexy divorcee, on Manhattan’s streets. Will a chance encounter between Corey and Teri lead down a road neither of them can resist? 


Corey and Rhonda’s mutual friends, Katherine and Bryan, are unhappily divorced. A series of lies, betrayal, and a few nights of passion has given them a lifetime of hell. Will Bryan ever be able to convince Katherine to take him back despite his potential lovechild?

I Forgot to Love Her


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